The time that the website remains active varies depending on the plan you have chosen (from 6 months to 2 years). At the end of the period you have the opportunity to renew the hosting of your website for as long as you wish (charge 40€/year).

You can choose to make your website visible to anyone, as long as someone owns your URL (e.g. If not, we can create a special password for anyone you wish to see your website alone.

Your website operates under the SSL protocol and is hosted on servers with the maximum possible security. At the same time, when building your website we use all modern implementation techniques with fully updated tools.

First, you can contact us via the contact form, live chat or by telephone. For our part, we will ask you for the photographic material, texts and all the additional information you wish to enter on your website. At the same time, we send you a signed Confidentiality Document where it commits us that no information of yours will be used by us for other purposes (e.g. advertisements, other wedding websites, etc.). After the advance payment we start building your website and deliver it within the agreed time period.

The construction of your website begins with the payment of 40% of the final amount. The remaining 60% is paid immediately after final delivery. 

All charges are listed on the price list page and you pay nothing more than the amount of package you have created and agreed in the first place. The additional charges listed are optional and are only selected by you if you want additional services.

Of course! If none of the pre-made websites serve your needs, we are here to make your ideas a reality. All you have to do is contact us.

When your website is ready, you can send the URL to all your friends or give us their email so we can notify them. In addition, depending on the plan you have chosen we can send SMS to their mobile phones.

Depending on your plan, we offer you the possibility of creating an online-digital invitation to send to friends, regardless of your website.